Vision & Mission


The vision of the National Center for School-University Partnerships is to cultivate exemplary leadership and collaborative networks that drive continuous improvement within schools and school systems. Through robust partnerships and innovative approaches, we strive to create transformative educational experiences, fostering equity and excellence for all learners.


The mission of the National Center for School-University Partnerships is to foster a collaborative and inclusive community dedicated to empowering educators, leaders, and institutions to advance equity, access, and high-quality learning experiences for all students. Through improvement partnerships, professional development, and practice-based evidence, we strive to dismantle disparities and create a more just and equitable educational system.


  • Build meaningful partnerships with diverse stakeholders. We will build partnerships with a range of leaders and organizations including policymakers, philanthropic groups, community-based organizations, professional associations, and other stakeholders working to ensure that every student receives an equitable and high quality education.
  • Strengthen educational improvement leadership and workforce. Working closely with institutions of higher education, local education agencies, and other community-based agencies, we will support the training and career development of leaders and educators capable of leading continuous improvement efforts that strengthen schools and school systems.
  • Establish and support collaborative working arrangements including breakthrough collaboratives and networked improvement communities. We will establish and support collaborative scientific learning communities that leverage continuous improvement methods to address shared problems of practice.
  • Advance knowledge. We will advance an improvement-oriented research agenda and seek to disseminate tools and resources that further knowledge in the field and enhance the practice of school leaders and educators.
  • Create standards of practice. We will identify and elevate exemplary improvement models and practices in education. We will develop training and professional development programs that support educational improvement leaders and practitioners. We will provide guidance on the quality and integrity of implementation of improvement efforts in schools and school systems.

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